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As part of the London TV Screenings event, content provider Keshet International (KI) has showcased the first three titles from the 100M NIS drama slate for its leading channel Keshet 12, namely A Body that Works, Trust No One and the second season of Line in the Sand.
KEshet 1 March 2023
From Kuma Studios, 8x60’ intimate relationship drama A Body that Works stars Rotem Sela and Yehuda Levi as a childless couple who enlist the help of a surrogate, stimulating a debate about fertility, family and the autonomy of women’s bodies. The drama is bucking decades of Israeli viewing trends to grow its viewing audience week on week – increasing viewing share by 13% from 23.5% for the first episode (13 February) to a 26.5% for the third (27 February), increasing ratings from a 16.2 TVR to 17.1 over the same period – when says KI a drop of -10-20% is usually expected.

Regarded in Israel as Keshet’s biggest upcoming drama launch for some years, Trust No One is a 9x60’ thriller co-created by the team behind Traitor and Valley of Tears -Ron Leshem, Amit Cohen and Daniel Amsel and directed by Ofir Lobel. It stars Yehuda Levi in the central role of Itamar, and is a story about leadership, about how lonely it gets at the top and about the death of privacy.

The youngest ever director of the most powerful intelligence agency in Israel, Itamar has forged a career by recruiting and handling well-connected informants. Now he is facing the worst crisis of his life: Itamar is being framed as the source of a cyber security leak that is exposing the Shin Bet’s top-secret agents one-by-one - starting with Shuruk, daughter of a Hamas leader who was recruited by Itamar to spy on her father when she was just 17 years old. Totally isolated and no longer able to trust anyone, Itamar is forced to use the kind of morally questionable espionage tools he has always opposed, to clear his name and save his agents’ lives – exposing a world where any smartphone, CCTV camera and digital device can be hacked, and deep fake videos and spyware are as commonly used as Instagram filters.

Line In The Sand is a modern-day western centred on a team of vigilante cops who'll do anything to clean up their town… including breaking the law. Season 2 picks up where the first left off - with the now ex-cops being released from prison, having served their time - and a new criminal kingpin in place. Alon and his team are keen to get back to work making Nahariya's streets safe - but their criminal records prevent them being reinstated, forcing them to go undercover to bring down the new gang from the inside. Without the protection of their police badges or weapons, Alon and his team find themselves crossing that line in the sand again, but this time without any safety net at all.

Trust No One and Line in the Sand S2 will premiere on Keshet 12 later this year and will be launched to market by Keshet International. The rest of Keshet 12’s 100M NIS slate of new dramas includes: an as yet Untitled Murder Mystery Series (W/T); relationship drama Lovesick (W/T); an Agatha Christie-style crime drama called Murder at the Dead Sea (W/T); Unconditional (W/T), an international thriller based on true events; and military thriller Untitled Legal Drama (W/T).

Commenting on the new slate, Kelly Wright, KI’s MD of distribution, said: “On the day that we officially launch Keshet 12’s A Body that Works to buyers in London, following its incredible debut in Israel, we are thrilled to be able share details of the rest of Keshet’s slate of eight dramas for the global market. Trust No One has all the key ingredients you've come to expect from a high-stakes Israeli thriller – secrets, lies, and spies. And this new season of our successful crime drama Line in the Sand is even bigger, bolder, and more entertaining than the first.”