Ipsos, Teads team on global AI-driven ad analysis | Ad Tech | News | Rapid TV News
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Revealing key elements for what they way will be engaging omnichannel campaigns for the industry, global media platform Teads has published the results of research with Ipsos, which focused on unravelling creative elements that ignite success in the automotive landscape.

In the research Teads curated a collection of 500 videos spanning from 2019 to 2022, representing 18 different automotive brands across 23 countries. This assortment embraced a wide array of video formats, spanning the entire spectrum of the digital marketing funnel. Within the collection, certain videos underwent optimisation by Teads Studio, while others served as benchmarks, allowing for discovery into the impact of these enhancements.

By using Ipsos' AI capabilities and advanced statistical modelling techniques, Teads says it gained profound insights that it believes will revolutionise the way automotive advertisements are crafted and optimised for maximum impact.

Among the study's top insights that were said to hold the greatest significance for crafting engaging automotive advertisements, Teads found that videos that focused less on the vehicle and instead integrated into a larger storyline tended to have higher in-view times. Showcasing interior features was seen to be as engaging as telling a complete story, particularly in consideration-focused ads. Prominently featuring the brand logo and name captured audience attention and provided a strong hook.

Wide shots that convey a sense of freedom and movement end to engage viewers. Additionally, videos with fewer scenes tend to have higher in-view times, as they require less cognitive effort to comprehend. Chromatic contrasts, such as blue and orange, make videos more appealing and increase in-view time. Dark-coloured videos had lower in-view time due to lack of contrast, but adding a lighter element was seen to make a significant impact.

“Creativity is the crucial component of successful digital car campaigns. In previous Teads research, we found significantly higher levels of attention (+49%) and brand lift (+31%) with creatively optimised campaigns,” said Teads VP global client partnerships Henner Blömer. “In order to provide clients and agencies with further insights into the optimal design of advertising media, we have collaborated with IPSOS to develop best practice to significantly increase the view time of campaigns.”