SoftAtHome boosts digital home services Orange Wi-Fi 6E Livebox | Infrastructure | News | Rapid TV News
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Broadband, video and analytics software provider SoftAtHome has revealed that it has been a central contributor to one of the world's first Wi-Fi 6E operator box launches with Orange's new Livebox 6.
Orange soft at home 8April2022
The new Livebox 6 is said to be “eco-responsible” offering the best Wi-Fi Experience currently possible in terms of bandwidth and latency available today. The box brings Wi-Fi 6E, and its compatibility with the new Orange application Orange et Moi lets users manage the Livebox directly from a smartphone.

The Orange et Moi mobile app helps with installation at home, providing real-time analytics to help fix issues using self-diagnosis and optimally position repeaters within the home using a network map and speed-test features.

SoftAtHome's Wifi'ON Smart Wi-Fi product powers the Livebox 6 and the software firm says that subscribers will see improved in-home connectivity for a smoother Internet experience thanks to the next-gen Wi-Fi services that the 6E standard enables with Wi-Fi bandwidth able to be raised to 2 Gbps. The added radio spectrum and automatic tri-band steering between 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands reduces network saturation to improve network experience while working from home or enjoying entertainment.

The Livebox 6 also has an automated green mode so that when no Wi-Fi 6E device is detected, the 6 GHz band automatically switches off. It will not be reactivated until a Wi-Fi 6E device is detected. The end-user can activate either a light or a deep sleep mode to reduce energy consumption further below 0.3 W. These modes are directly configurable from within the mobile app or the gateway's touch screen.

Livebox 6 integrates SoftAtHome's Connect'ON to optimise the Quality of Services and deliver the best bandwidth possible. The home network services are said to include that which subscribers expect from premium devices, such as, for example, parental control or a Guest WLAN, are all present. Orange's new gateway is also the first equipped with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, enabling end to end 2Gbps bandwidth.

“At Orange, we have been innovating with our supplier SoftAtHome. This is the first box in the market with a deep sleep mode. Together we have delivered the most powerful Wi-Fi and home connectivity product and services," said Laurent Feurer, product marketing director for broadband devices and telco services at Orange. "With our new Livebox 6 that includes Wi-Fi 6E, our French subscribers are among the first to enjoy the new Wi-Fi capabilities from the latest Wi-Fi standard.”

“With new post-pandemic Wi-Fi requirements, the entire SoftAtHome team was committed to ensuring that the new Livebox 6 was up to the challenge,” added David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome. “We are proud of Orange's renewed confidence in our expertise in the Connected Home Experience.”