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Research from Accenture has highlighted clearly the need for content aggregators to give consumers greater control finding that 60% of multiple streaming service subscribers expressed frustration with their viewing experiences and 44% indicated they spend more than six minutes searching for something to watch.
Netflix German 27Sep2021
The global professional services company’s Streaming’s Next Act: Aggregators To Play A Starring Role In Making Consumers Happier report surveyed 6,000 consumers globally to understand their preferences, beliefs and behaviours on their video content streaming experiences. Fieldwork was conducted between October and November 2021 among consumers aged 18 and older, across 11 countries, namely, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.

In addition to the challenge of finding something to watch, consumers also think more than 60% of the content they are paying for is not relevant to them. Just more than half (56%) wished their profile from one service could easily be shared with another service that may offer them better, more personalised content.

While the study noted that consumers cared more about the content delivered by streaming services, it also found that the navigation experience with the growing number of services was increasingly frustrating. Content aggregators can address this concern by unifying access across streaming services through application software, services and data-sharing agreements. Aggregators can also foster flexibility and personalization for viewers by serving as a single platform with curated content that enables them to select exactly what they want to watch.

“Consumers didn’t express a strong preference for a particular company to give them a better user experience,” said John Peters, managing director in the Media and Entertainment industry group at Accenture commenting on the Streaming’s Next Act: Aggregators To Play A Starring Role In Making Consumers Happier report. “People expect innovation and improvement in this space and are looking for a company to come up with new and better ideas for delivering content to them in a way that makes their lives easier and their viewing experiences more enjoyable.”

In a call to enable companies to start on a journey of deeper consumer relationships, Accenture advised firms to determine whether they wanted to be an integrator or the integrated, so they could shape distribution deals to entice subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) services to participate or partner with the entities vying to be the preferred integrator.

It also advised firms to invest in data privacy and make that commitment known to their consumers, so they were confident sharing data that is critical for integration and personalisation services.

“Through our research, consumers said that the video streaming experience has become somewhat unwieldy, unfriendly, and expensive for many them,” added Andrew Walker, global Communications and Media industry group leader at Accenture. “A big change to the streaming ecosystem is needed to give consumers greater control over their experience—the addition of a smart content aggregator, sitting across multiple platforms.”