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Research from ad technology provider Magnite looking at the state of the TV market in Europe, has revealed a landscape where hybrid viewing has become the norm and where connected TV (CTV) viewership is fast approaching traditional TV viewership levels in the UK.
Magnite CTV survey 25OCt2021
The CTV is for Everyone: 2021 report was based on a study of 5,000 people across UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and found that fundamentally the media landscape has experienced a seismic cultural shift in the past three years. And it suggested that to better reflect what it calls Europe’s richly diverse and increasingly conscious society, media owners, brands, and agencies are setting new standards for the level of diversity represented in their work.

The study found that 71% of European audiences now watch a combination of traditional TV and CTV content. Almost a third of households said they watch mostly CTV delivered content, whereas only 22% watch traditional TV exclusively.

It also found that not only CTV audiences mirrored Europe’s diverse profile but that it also better catered to the newly emerging conscious consumer. Streamers matched the national profile, whereas the traditional TV audience skewed older and consequently underdelivered younger audiences. CTV was not limited to the constraints of language and location in the same way traditional programming is. The flexibility of CTV meets the needs of modern audiences who wish to watch niche or foreign language content. Ad-free content such as Netflix and Disney+ no longer dominated CTV content consumption. CTV viewers now watched an almost equal amount of ad-supported content.

Ad-supported programming was highlighted in the survey as becoming a primary way CTV viewers watch content CTV’s reach goes beyond the boundaries of language and location. Four-fifths of CTV viewers said they were more likely to pay attention to ads from brands that are in line with their lifestyle and opinions, and attentive viewers are much more likely (65%) to make a purchase after seeing an ad versus those who are passively watching.

Looking at the UK in particular, the study found TV has widespread adoption in the country, outpacing the other EU5 countries. CTV viewership was fast approaching traditional TV viewership levels, demonstrating that CTV is just as preferred as traditional TV. CTV is watched by all age groups across the UK and mirrors the population. In contrast, traditional TV significantly over delivers against the older Boomer demographic and under delivers against the under 40-year-old population.

Commenting on the CTV is for Everyone: 2021 report, Graeme Lynch VP demand, EMEA at Magnite said: “Television advertising remains one of the most compelling areas for brands to invest in. The rapid adoption of CTV viewing has led to better services for consumers and provided a scaled solution for advertisers looking to supplement their traditional TV buying. This has strengthened the entire TV ecosystem and delivered new diverse audiences essential for businesses looking to future-proof their TV strategies.”