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Research from Plume has found global consumers have accelerated investment in smart home devices during the pandemic leading to the smart services provider racking up more than a billion unique client devices managed by its cloud controllers.
Plume lifestyle 22 july 2021
The company says that its growth has coincided with a major shift in the way people are using their technology at home for everyday convenience, entertainment and new work norms. That is that homes are becoming more crowded with smart and connected devices than ever, providing unprecedented convenience and personalisation. It added that while the pandemic accelerated and influenced some trends in the types of devices and patterns of usage in the smart home, Plume’s analysis of the number, type and usage of devices found that many of these trends were in place pre-pandemic and are expected to continue post-pandemic as consumers embrace the overall value of smart homes.

The research found that Covid caused consumers to increase devices in the with the number of devices per US household increasing by 38% during the pandemic, increasing to 18 devices per household on average, up from 13 in October 2019. This said Plume reflects two commonly reported trends during the stay-at-home orders: an increase in the number of family members living together as many young people returned from college or urban environments; and investment in technology as people spent more time at home. The most common smart home device was voice assistants, which grew by 28% from October 2019 to May 2021.

As consumers were forced to stay home, they invested in smart entertainment devices to occupy their time. Entertainment-based smart home devices increased by 16% overall from October 2019 to May 2021. The most common smart entertainment category was TVs and streaming devices, which grew by 34% from October 2019 to May 2021, while traditional set-top boxes grew by just 2%. The fastest-growing entertainment device category was virtual reality which experienced 223% growth.

“This milestone is significant because it marked the arrival of the truly connected smart home.” said Plume CTO Bill McFarland. “In the US, we are seeing 38% growth in connected devices per home on our cloud-controlled software defined network (SDN), and believe this is just the tip of the iceberg as more consumers see the value and realise the promise of smart Wi-Fi and smart homes.”

Plume believes that the next big play will be personalised smart home experiences inwhat it called the intuitive home .