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Three trends are redefining video, empowering viewers to watch content as never before, advertisers to reach customers as never before and creators and artists to find audiences as never before with connected TV on the rise and about to be exploited by YouTube says the firm’s chief product officer Neil Mohan.
YouTube Select 20May2020
In a blog post exploring the transformation of the viewer video experience as YouTube builds for what it calls a dynamic future, Mohan said that the video landscape today is rapidly changing in ways that are redefining how we watch, what we watch, and why we watch—developments that impact not just viewers, but also advertisers, creators, and artists. And while some of these trends have been years in the making, he noted that the pandemic dramatically has accelerated their evolution.

Mohan said that viewers were leaving behind traditional primetime, that YouTube was finding that the new primetime was personal. “People want the freedom to stream anything whenever they want, whether it’s a favourite movie, a hard-to-find music performance, a premiere sports event, or even a tough workout,” he remarked.

Another key trend highlighted was that viewers were also increasingly streaming content on their connected TV (CTV) screens as they spend more time at home. And though mobile still made up the largest percentage of how content is consumed on the YouTube platform, the fastest growing viewing experience was on the TV screen. Mohan revealed that in December 2020, over 120 million people in the US streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens. “And there’s another interesting viewing behaviour emerging,” he added. “A new generation of viewers chooses to watch YouTube primarily on the TV screen: Also in December, over a quarter of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers in the US watched content almost exclusively on the TV screen.”

Concluding his post, Mohan said that as the three trends lay out, it was an exciting time for digital video. “Video empowers viewers to watch content as never before; advertisers to reach customers as never before; and creators and artists to find an audience as never before. CTV, e-commerce, and short-form video will continue to play out in the years ahead, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new trends redefine the place of video in our lives,” he said.