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Digital media measurement, data and analytics platform om provider DoubleVerify (DV) is warning that it has uncovered the first server-side ad insertion (SSAI) scheme known to hijack real connected TV (CTV) device sessions that at its peak spoofed over 2 million devices each day.
DV PR CTV fraud 23Jan2020
The scheme is known as SneakyTerra and is said to mark an important evolution in CTV fraud being far more sophisticated than other large schemes, such as ParrotTerra which spoofed 3.7 million device signatures and 2.7 million IP addresses each day before it was found and blocked. It operates by purchasing a real impression and then inserting impression trackers from multiple ads, obtained through spoofed SSAI calls, into one creative response. When an actual CTV device receives this response, pixels fire for all the impression trackers — meaning although only one ad is seen, impressions for multiple ads are generated.

In its report on how SneakyTerra operates and the risk to business it presents, DV said the use of purchased impressions — stuffed with multiple fake ads that will never be seen by a real person — as making the threat more difficult to detect. Ad servers and measurement vendors get real data on where the ad served, rather than spoofed SSAI data, because SneakyTerra’s stuffed impressions serve on real devices.

DV’s Fraud Lab said CTV continues to be a lucrative target for fraudsters with its data showing that CTV fraud impressions more than tripled - a 220% increase - in 2020 compared with 2019. It added that the rise in fraud schemes demonstrated just how critical it is to continuously track and monitor emerging fraud threats.

“Fraud follows the money, and the revenue opportunities in CTV are growing rapidly,” commented DV chief executive officer Mark Zagorski. “In 2020 alone, DoubleVerify identified more than 10 SSAI schemes, and we’re seeing fraudsters execute increasingly sophisticated, larger schemes meant to divert more revenue from unprotected advertisers. Trusted, independent measurement is critical in the CTV space to give global brands confidence in their CTV buys.”