Martin Tidell - Sr Industry Consultant Telecommunications EMEA - Teradata | Predictions for 2021 | Rapid TV News
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Martin Tidell - Sr Industry Consultant Telecommunications EMEA - TeradataComing out of one of the most disrupted years in recent decades, enterprises will need to adopt new ways of understanding their business. Not only have business processes been forced to change, mostly in a good way, but also persisting business processes have resulted in new outcomes. Sales patterns, channel preferences, product consumption, communication patterns, media consumption have all changed. Data and analytics is all about predicting the future based on historical data. Even the most sophisticated AI & machine learning models will struggle to make sense of historical data sets with such change.

The data analytics industry, will be required to provide solutions to businesses, that can cope with closer to real time analytics, as well as using more recent data to accurately predict the future. The inability to utilize larger data sets of historical data, calls for the ability to use a wider variation of sources of recent data to provide the same or better results.

I can’t think of one single business, that wouldn’t benefit from being in the cloud, one way or the other. With regards to data and analytics, businesses will continue to move towards cloud-based solutions and applications will follow. 2021 will be another year of “cloud first” strategies across a number of industries. In the next year and years to follow, hybrid cloud solutions will however continue to be the industry standard.

One of the most critical success factors for businesses will be the ability to perform while they transform. As enterprises move towards a more cloud centric strategy, they will need a cloud future proof data & analytics partner, simultaneously helping them grow profitably in current times of disruption.

Most recent trends in telco rolling over to 2021, are related to 5G and IoT. Telcos are increasingly turning towards partnerships in adjacent industries, which will be enabled by 5G and IoT. Examples of new business benefits are countless, but industry 4.0 related topics, such as predictive maintenance and automation will be significantly improved.