Jo Kinsella – President – TVSquared | Predictions for 2021 | Rapid TV News
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Jo Kinsella – President – TVSquaredAt the start of 2020, the TV industry was already experiencing massive change – moving toward more transparent, flexible and collaborative practices centred around outcomes, reach and frequency, reach extension and audience insights. The onset of COVID-19 accelerated those changes as advertisers demanded digital-like analytics to ensure they were effectively and efficiently reaching viewers who were accessing content any time, any place, anywhere. 
While these hyper-speed changes are well underway, let’s unpack some ways they will impact TV advertising in 2021.    

Cross-Platform Measurement Accelerates 

Since viewers are “watching TV” across a growing number of platforms and devices – not to mention on their own schedules – advertisers can no longer rely on traditional measurement, which simply hasn’t kept up. Advertisers will measure TV “how people watch it,” across time, platforms and devices. Real-time, cross-platform TV measurement at scale will be the norm for both buyers and sellers – powering them with audience analytics and the insights needed to maximize campaign reach and performance. 
We’ll All Be Like Jack – Nimble & Quick 

A big lesson learned for marketers in 2020 was the importance of staying on air. While many brands went off TV in the wake of Covid-19, those that came back, with minimal downtime and situationally appropriate creatives, thrived. And while we will eventually emerge from this pandemic, the most successful advertisers will continue to be “nimble and quick” when it comes to cross-platform TV. That means frequently employing test-and-learn strategies to reach the right audiences, find optimal frequency and drive outcomes. In turn, the sell-side will make selling and buying processes faster and more flexible to accommodate advertiser demand.   
DTCs Continue to Lead TV’s Revolution 

Many of the pre-pandemic changes we saw were driven by DTCs – digitally native brands that demanded TV provide the measurement and targeting capabilities they were used to with digital. While many DTCs had their first foray into TV with linear, in 2021, you’ll see them increasingly expand their presence across TV platforms. Their cross-platform TV strategies will be data-driven, continuously optimised and, notably, mimicked by more traditional advertisers. Not only are long-time TV advertisers adopting more DTC-like business practices, but they are increasingly adopting their media strategies too.