Logan Ketchum - Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships - Veritone | Predictions for 2021 | Rapid TV News
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Logan Ketchum, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at VeritoneIn 2020, content creators faced the tall task of meeting increased viewer demands during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite a halt in new media production, live entertainment and sports. Compounding their challenge, in many cases, was the unresolved issue I call the Dark Archive - which is a media library ill-equipped to generate incremental value due to its unstructured state. 

As broadcasters took a deeper look at their content archives, many realised they needed a way to easily identify and search for existing content in order to leverage it in new, engaging ways for viewers.

As we head into the new year, content creators and producers must rely more heavily on artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and eliminate undue costs associated with maintaining an actionable content library. This technology allows broadcasters to make use and sense of all data, whether it’s stored in video, images or audio files, ultimately enabling them to generate engaging content more quickly. Once this data is processed, advanced cognitive search capabilities including transcript, face, object, logo, and text help broadcasters find content faster and more easily curate and share it with viewers. Likewise, the requirement to operate in remote environments will continue to accelerate Cloud adoption in search of creative ways to attract and retain viewers on multiple platforms.

Additionally, 2021 will put broadcasters to the test when it comes to harnessing engagement data to refine their content recommendations to viewers. Both traditional TV and OTT channels such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV have an opportunity to use this data to their advantage and inform future content production to increase audience retention.

Mid-tier and newer broadcasters shouldn’t count themselves out of the race either as they are able to hone in on this data as well and compete with these big names for the same eyeballs. Broadcasters must correlate content-based metadata – themes, plots, actors, scripts, etc. – with viewer engagement metrics in a logical, actionable way to continue delivering content that viewers expect and crave.