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The Broadband Forum has released the latest update of its Open Broadband – USP (OB-USP) Agent project, known as the Canary, to add support for the MQTT protocol as a USP message transfer protocol, help service providers develop value-added services and provide increased levels of security for remote connected device management.

BRoadband forum 12Nov2020

MQTT is primarily used for machine-to-machine applications and IoT devices and facilitates communication between Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and cloud controllers or local LAN-based controls. The implementation of MQTT within OB-USP-Agent is designed to allow operators to re-use existing infrastructure to meet  management needs. With the ability to overcome bandwidth constraints, MQTT should enable fast message delivery and use minimal amounts of power.

The Canary Release adds support for the MQTT Message Transfer Protocol in addition to the already supported Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP),  WebSockets, and Simple/Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP), and architectural improvements to support open source software-based environments, such as OpenWRT/ prplWRT and RDK-based platforms.

In addition to significantly helping providers manage their applications more effectively, the Canary update will also allow operators to use the USP ecosystem to unlock the potential of the connected home and capitalise on the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The Forum also believes that end users will now also benefit from operators now being able to integrate third-party software and services into existing gateway platforms.

“The Canary release of the open source project will enhance the role USP plays in the IoT market place and combines the best of both open source and open standards to realise the full promise of broadband," commented Broadband Forum chairman and OB-USP-Agent project manager John Blackford. “This will ensure service providers and operators are armed with the tools they need to securely manage connected devices, build real value-added services, and prosper in the Connected Home era.”