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With the online video industry enjoying a massive uptick at the moment, a survey from the Reelgood film and TV streaming search engine service has shown that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are way out ahead of the pack when it comes to the amount of new content consumers get from subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services.
Reelgood fresh streaming 27Aug2020
In its analysis of the seven leading SVOD platforms operating in the US, Reelgood defined 'fresh' as any film that was released between 2018 and 2020, while a TV show is considered 'fresh' if new episodes were released within that same time period.

Taking a snapshot of the situation as of 20 August 2020, the study found that Amazon Prime Video had 1,820 fresh films in its catalogue, followed by Netflix on 1,291. Some way behind was the Hulu over-the-top (OTT) service with 308 and then the recently launched direct-to-consumer services, namely HBO Max with 259; Disney+ (75); Peacock Premium (36); and Apple TV+ with just eight films.

It was a rather different picture when it came to TV series with Netflix claiming ascendancy, offering 1,025 films on 20 August 2020. Next was Hulu with 646; Prime Video, 487; HBO Max, 171; Peacock Premium, 110; Disney+, 102; Apple TV+, 26.

Analysing the results, Reelgood noted that it made sense for Netflix and Prime Video to be leading the pack, the former because of what it called a “never-ending” stream of original series, and Prime Video because of its “famously massive movie library. The films did say that it was surprised to see Hulu come second to Netflix in TV despite having almost 500 fewer shows than Prime Video.

Despite the low ranking on both scales for Apple TV+, Reelgood noted that the service, which was introduced only in November 2019, came in last due to its limited catalogue but that it was worth noting that it was the only candidate in the line-up where the library was made up of all original content.

With this in mind, Reelgood examined what percentage of each streaming service's entire catalogue was relatively new and found that on 20 August 2020 compared with the 100% of fresh films in the Apple TV+ catalogue, the next freshest in terms of percentage of offer was Hulu on 35%, inching ahead of Netflix by a single percentage point, and then HBO Max (15%), Prime Video (12%), Disney+ (11%) and Peacock Premium (5%). For TV shows, using the same basepoint of Apple TV+ on 100%, Netflix came in second with 60%, trailed by Disney+ (48%), Peacock Premium (45%), HBO Max (44%), Hulu (38%) and finally Prime Video on 23%.