TiVo finds 58% increase in overall viewership in first week of lockdowns | Ratings/Measurement | News | Rapid TV News
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While cautiously noting that it may be too early to tell exactly how much video trends have been impacted, research from TiVo has concluded that the world may be on lockdown, but the vast video market is flying.
tivo 11 may 2019
This survey is TiVo’s biannual report evaluating and analysing key trends across the TV industry. The study surveyed more than 4,500 viewers in the US and Canada and was conducted in Q1 2020 by a third-party survey service on to which TiVo added internal viewership data.

The study said that even as the Covid-19 pandemic topples economies across the globe, streaming services, especially in the two surveyed countries, are thriving as quarantines and self-distancing have isolated people inside their own homes, leaving many in need of entertainment sending them flocking to screens. It was clear from the data that viewers were watching more video services across the board, from live TV to subscription streaming. Indeed, 84% of survey respondents were said to be interested in viewing, browsing and searching content from every available source – from broadcast television to subscription streaming services – unified in a single experience or interface.

Early data analysis from the study found a 58% increase in overall viewership across all platforms in the TiVo viewing population just in the first week of major Covid-related lockdowns. In the same week, daily viewership of pandemic-related titles increased by 600%. By the week of 30 March, households were watching two more hours of news per week than in the last week of February. This said TiVo was notable given that there had already been a steady increase in news viewership since mid-December, attributed to the impeachment and election news cycle.

Simultaneously, found the survey, streaming app viewership has risen higher than ever, with weekday viewing mirroring weekend viewing, and weekend viewing surpassing holiday averages. Noting what had been viewed on its devices by the first week of April 2020, TiVo found that Amazon weekend viewership had seen around an 80% increase compared with pre-Covid levels. HBO Go viewing increased by the same amount while Hulu grew 36% and Netflix by 33% over the same period.

Other key findings revealed in the report were that pay-TV subscribers generally use seven video services while broadband-only subscribers use about five video services. Looking at satisfaction levels, 46% of respondents expressed satisfaction with their free/AVOD services with the number of respondents indicating they were “very satisfied” with their free/AVOD services increasing 11% compared with the fourth quarter of 2019. In 2020, 74.6% of survey respondents reported using at least one subscription streaming on-demand service, up from 69.5% in 2019. As the number of people using subscription
streaming (SVOD) and live streaming (vMVPD) services increases, the percentage of users who are “very satisfied” with these services is also rising.

TiVo also found that respondents said they engage with recommended content 40% of the time across both streaming and pay-TV services. When it came to the most common way viewers discover new shows or movies, “commercials or ads that run during other TV shows” were indicated by 55%, surpassing “word of mouth” by six percentage points.