Beachfront unveils pod bidding for connected TV advertising | Ad Tech | News | Rapid TV News
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Claiming to be launching what its calls all the three-letter networks and streaming companies are demonstrating and jumping into beta with right now, independent ad tech platform Beachfront has announced the beta launch of a new connected TV (CTV) podding solution.

beachfront 18April2019Beachfront's CTV pod management product is designed to allow better management of CTV ad pods thanks to the current surge in streaming TV viewership that has companies relying on programmatic to fill inventory.

Built on Prebid, which is a transparent, open source solution, Beachfront’s Pod Bidding product is designed to help premium video publishers properly construct and auction ad pods across more than 100 demand partners and disparate delivery executions -- including VAST, RTB and Prebid Adaptors -- while fully supporting deduplication and competitive separation.

The product is said to ultimately help publishers better manage their ad pods, optimise fragmented demand, and improve viewer experiences. Beachfront believes that it has identified an opportunity to solve a major issue for premium video publishers where they yield only single-digit CPMs for extremely coveted connected TV inventory.

“The issue is that the connected TV ecosystem is fragmented, so this premium video ad inventory isn’t exposed to the full breadth of advanced ad buying marketplaces,” explained Beachfront VP of advanced TV Ben Abbatiello. “That’s why we need both a new solution and a unique open source approach to ensure publishers can run their businesses to their maximum potential.”

“We believe pod bidding is the next evolution of CTV advertising. Pod Bidding will enable publishers and advertisers alike to maximise CTV inventory while improving the viewer experience,” added Beachfront founder and president Frank Sinton.

Beachfront Pod Bidding for CTV offers companies to properly construct and auction ad pods across Prebid Adaptors, VAST and RTB demand sources while supporting deduplication and competitive separation. It also enables users to execute pod monetisation strategies based on key dimensions such as desired margins, ad intervals, price floors and slot values - all while optimising the user experience. Additionally, Beachfront claims that it can allow users to speed up auction times by 37% with simultaneous server-to-server calls, decisioning across the entire ad pod, at once, and tools for blocking latent buyers.

Pod Bidding for CTV is currently in beta. Interested parties can learn more about the development programme at