New Indonesian piracy sites filling the hole left by IndoXXI | Security | News | Rapid TV News
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Despite what has been a successful move to block the notorious IndoXXI illegal streaming service, it would appear that the ghost of Indonesia’s notorious pirate service is still haunting the country.

avia 6Aug2018IndoXXI ‘officially’ closed its operations as of 1 January and had been a persistent problem in an area in which piracy has been rife. A study in December 2019 of the online content viewing behaviour of Indonesian consumers — commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s (AVIA’s) Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) and conducted by YouGov — found that as many as 63% of the country’s consumers had accessed streaming piracy websites or torrent sites to access premium content without paying any subscription fees. Moreover, the study revealed that indoXXI(Lite) was by far the most popular pirate application, used by 35% of illegal streaming device users. 

AVIA now notes that since the announced closure, many other piracy sites, including some obvious copycat clones of IndoXXI, have become available. These new piracy sites were quickly identified by the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI) and immediately referred to the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information (KOMINFO) to be blocked. It adds that over the last seven days, over 200 new piracy sites have been identified and referred to KOMINFO.

In December 2019, the Indonesian government vowed to identify and prosecute those operating the IndoXXI piracy websites unless they cease their operations. AVIA notes that the sudden increase in new piracy sites would suggest the operators are not listening to the government’s warning. In addition, the VCI, whilst appreciative of the site blocking, implore the government to criminally prosecute those operators behind the piracy websites who are stealing content and illegally monetising movies and TV shows.

“The Indonesian content industry finance, create and distribute the movies and TV shows that our people love. However piracy websites allow criminals to make money from our hard work. How is this fair,” commented Mira Lesmana, one of Indonesia’s most prominent producers. “We need to be able to recoup our financial investments to fund new creative content. We encourage the government to track down and prosecute those Indonesian-based operators who are behind these networks of piracy sites.”

Neil Gane, general manager of AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) added: “Society does not accept blatant theft from retail malls and neither should it be accepted on the internet. Unfortunately online piracy is an easy form of theft. It is also organised crime, pure and simple, with crime syndicates such as IndoXXI, LK21, Bioskoperen making substantial illicit profit from operating piracy streaming websites. Many syndicates and individuals associated with the piracy ecosystem are involved in other criminal endeavours including illicit online gambling, and there is a likelihood that part of the illegal proceeds are used to finance these other crimes.”