Kaltura to increase female leadership to 50% by 2024 | Major Businesses | Business
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As part of its new initiative to drive gender equality, leading video technology provider Kaltura has pledged to work towards increasing female leadership at the company to 50% by 2024.

Sigal Kaltura 13Sep2019According to the World Economic Forum, women represent between 24% and 37% of the international workforce today. In the technology field specifically, women make up less than 20% of tech jobs in the US, even though they make up more than half of the country’s workforce. To raise awareness around this issue, Kaltura will be hosting a series of industry events that promote gender equality and encourage change leading up to 2024.

In its objective to drive gender equality, both in representation and compensation, Kaltura has identified specific goals that the company aims to meet within the next five years to increase diversity and equality across the company. To ensure that it is on track to reach these goals by 2024, Kaltura will routinely monitor progress via bi-yearly check-ins for gender equality both in compensation and representation.

“As a company that operates across a wide range of industries, we are aware that there is still a long way to go in terms of reaching true gender equality,” explained Kaltura co-founder, chairman and CEO Ron Yekutiel. “That said, we no longer want to take a back seat in this issue. True to our company values of openness, flexibility and collaboration, we are taking a stand for diversity and equality across all aspects of our company – regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or nationality. Ultimately, our goal is to raise awareness around this issue and leverage our position within the industry to inspire change.”

“Gender equality is important for Kaltura across the board, both for our existing employees and a key focus in our recruitment process,” added Kaltura senior vice president of human resources Sigal Srur.

“Our approach is to take simple but meaningful actions to drive equality along the employee lifecycle, from attraction of candidates all the way to compensation. For example, we revisited the way we present job descriptions for our open positions, as it is a known fact that women tend to avoid applying for jobs if they do not meet all listed requirements, while men apply even if they are just a partial fit. By adjusting our job postings to better appeal to both genders, we have already raised the number of woman applicants by 20%.”

To learn more about Kaltura’s gender equality initiative, and to sign the petition, visit: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/507/757/644/help-drive-gender-equality-in-the-tech-sector/.