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Aiming to allow operators to trade off efficiently distribution costs and quality of service, the LightFlow AI platform for video streaming optimisation has made the Network Aware Optimisation (NAO) service available in its core platform.

LightFlow 11Sep2019Designed to be consumed through APIs, the NAO solution is described as a smart video multi-CDN balancer that automatically distributes streaming payload among different CDN providers according to business rules and real time performance analytics. Its UI allows customers to define business rules and publishing decisions to determine the optimal path to each user.

LightFlow NAO also connects to customers’ analytics, as opposed to other solutions that rely on synthetic probes, and feeds real time actual performance data into the AI algorithm to determine the optimal route according to customer’s trade-off between savings and quality of service.

The solution’s client can automatically assign video sessions or segments to different CDNs attending to publishing business decisions and QoE requirements, whether it is optimising costs, enhancing quality, providing a fail-over and so on. Balancing criteria is fully configurable and can be customised using parameters affecting a particular region, a type of content, a type of viewer, an origin domain or a time zone. The AI engine monitors performance in real time and provides the fine tuning for each viewer.

“We are excited to introduce a solution that actually satisfies our customers’ requirements when it comes to take the right decision about how to deliver video, in real time,” said Miguel Serrano, LightFlow CEO. “Allowing customers to define a first layer of business rules and letting a second layer of AI perform and even improve those rules provides excellent results in the final quality of service while saves costs.”

LightFlow NAO can also be deployed as an output hublet in Haivision SRT Hub, a cloud-based service for routing low-latency, secure and reliable media, built on Microsoft Azure. Added Haivision CMO Peter Maag. “This Hublet is key to enable intelligent CDN management, which is a critical piece in the video workflow.”