FreeWheel, A+E pilot unified ad decisioning engine | Ad Tech | News | Rapid TV News
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Aiming to allow buyers and sellers to transact across both direct sold and programmatic, marketplace-generated advertising demand, ad tech firm FreeWheel is partnering with A+E Networks to trail a unified video ad management platform.

AE Networks 27 Feb 2018The new technology is designed to obviate the need for video publishers to use separate platforms to manage and schedule its direct sold inventory, and another tech platform, or an SSP, to manage programmatic demand from open exchanges and DSPs. Working across direct sold and programmatic demand, the platform aims to ensure TV-level compliance and quality viewer experience and is said to offer advertisers control and transparency across all buying channels.

FreeWheel says that its unified decision engine will allow A+E Networks to consider holistically a full pool of demand, including direct sold buys, and optimise across all business rules and requirements. This it regards as important because a video ad decision cannot be determined solely on the highest bid price. The company adds that an effective video ad decision must also consider TV-level compliance parameters, such as competitive and category separation requirements and user experience considerations, such as ad repetition and relevance.

“Holistic decisioning across sales channels helps buyers, sellers and the industry as a whole by reducing marketplace friction,” explained FreeWheel general manager Dave Clark. “Our pioneering work with A+E Networks focuses on uniting their various video sales channels to help them make the best choices for all advertisers, regardless of how the ads are purchased. This work parallels and enhances FreeWheel’s overarching efforts to offer holistic, cross-screen ad management across all video, from digital and OTT, to linear TV.”

“We are focused on two key priorities: creating and maintaining a viewer experience that leads to loyalty within our consumers, and delivering an optimal ad experience for our advertising clients and partners,” added Jason DeMarco, VP, programmatic and audience solutions, A+E Networks. “FreeWheel’s Unified Ad Management allows A+E Networks to maximise both of these efforts within our digital footprint by improving ad frequency and combining the benefits of programmatic buying with the assurances of compliance and standards of quality.”

FreeWheel plans to expand its unified programmatic pilot programme to other clients throughout 2019.