Streamers prefer local over national ads | Media Analysis | Business
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Consumers’ thirst for global content on streaming and subscription services seems unquenchable but when it comes to advertising, such viewers, in particular millennials, are more responsive to local rather than global sources says research from ZypMedia.
pluto roku NOW 4Oct2018
The AI-powered enterprise software platform manages digital advertising offerings for media and broadcast companies and according to the survey of over 2,000 US adults conducted online by The Harris Poll, free-ad supported streaming services offer new opportunities for local advertisers.

Fundamentally, 47% of the sample nearly half are tuning into local streaming services like NewsOn, CBSLocal and 46% view free, ad-supported services such as Pluto TV, XUMO and Roku. For those aged 18–34 this was 63% and 62% respectively, and with cord-cutters of all ages, representing 30% of US adults said the survey, this was 57% and 67%.

When it comes to consumers that watch free, or ad-supported streaming TV, 62% of consumers that have a preference between watching local or national commercials, prefer the local ads. That number rises to 68% for consumers that watch local streaming services. This is particularly true for millennials who watch free, or ad-supported over-the-top (OTT) streaming services.

Cord-cutters were found to be still receptive to commercials, with just more than half (52 %) indicated that they don’t mind watching them, and 47% of cord-shavers also agree. More than half (51%) of consumers that ever watch free, ad-supported streaming services agree that the commercials that they see on streaming services are more relevant than the commercials they see on cable TV.

“While the Netflixs and Hulus of the world get all the attention, free, ad-supported and local streaming services are becoming a powerful platform for brands to make an impact in local markets around the country,” said Aman Sareen, co-founder and chief executive officer, ZypMedia. “Millennials are particularly responsive to local advertising messages, making ad-supported OTT a valuable channel. With the rich targeting capabilities that OTT provides, local advertisers can now tap into this growing audience, many of which are cutting the cord, in favour of streaming.”