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The latest Deloitte digital media trends survey has found that while American consumers have more digital media options than ever, many are becoming frustrated by the complexity and effort piecing together their media and entertainment experiences.
deloitte 20March2019
The 13th edition of the study was conducted among 2,003 US consumers by Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice, and fielded by an independent research firm from December 2018 to February 2019.

For the first time in its survey’s history, Deloitte found that streaming services have become Americans’ preferred way to consume video programming. More respondents have at least one streaming video subscription (69%) than have a traditional pay-TV subscription (65%).

But Deloitte added that streaming vs traditional pay-TV was not an either/or proposition for many: Consumers often want both with the study showing that 43% of US households now subscribing to both pay-TV and streaming video services. For live TV news, sports, and TV shows, most consumers were still turning to traditional pay-TV networks, although live TV streaming services are gaining traction.

The survey also found that American consumers are piecing together options from a growing variety of options and after the 2018 version of the survey showed consumers had started to take control over their own entertainment experience, now they are moving further in this direction, selecting which services among pay-TV, and streaming video options they find most valuable. However, the study also revealed consumers often need to cobble together multiple services—from paid to free, ad-supported options—to watch all of their favourite programmes.

Moreover the survey revealed that to boost experiences, many consumers are willing to pay a subscription fee to have an ad-free experience. Indeed as many as 44% of respondents cited ‘no ads’ as a top reason for subscribing to a new paid streaming video service. Others were willing to view ads in exchange for content. Among millennials who stream video, nearly half (46%) of the time they stream from paid services, and nearly a third (29%) of the time they stream from free, ad-supported video sites like YouTube or Sony Crackle. The remainder of their time is split almost equally among streaming from pay-TV services, live TV streaming services, and rental/video-on-demand.

The Deloitte digital media trends study concludes by advising that in order to satisfy the demands of customers who want the ability to customise their media experience with à la carte options while reducing the friction of too many subscriptions to pay for and manage, companies that are best able to reduce this friction, making it easier for consumers to have it their way, will be most amply rewarded.