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Light the blue touch paper: the BBC has today published its annual report for the financial year 2017/18, which, outside the ritual fuming over star salaries, has shown the effects of cost-cutting as well as significant investment in content in general.
BBC annucalreport 11July2018
In the report, the BBC noted that despite huge competition, and increasingly from the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, 92% of the UK adult population uses BBC services at least once a week. The Corporation noted that despite these challenges, programmes like Blue Planet II, Civilisations, and Three Girls won audience and critical all the BBC collected 17 BAFTA TV awards and 18 RTS Programme awards during the reporting period.

Internally, 94% of the BBC’s controllable spend this year was focused on content and delivery and 6% was spent on running the organisation. During its first full year of operation BBC Studios produced over 2000 hours of television and radio content, including three of the five most watched programmes of the year on any UK channel. It also won its first ever third-party commissions signing deals with Channel 4, Channel 5 and Discovery. The BBC also made what it called its largest investment in children’s services in a generation, with an extra £34 million going to deliver programmes like Hey Duggee, Pablo, Raven, as well as the launch of new apps such as BBC Buzz and Own It.

In terms of operations, the BBC highlighted the fact that it had reported £160 million of annual savings during the year - taking the cumulative savings to £244 million. This it said was a “significant” step towards its latest £800 million target by 2021/22.

Commenting on the annual report, BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi said: “In my first full year as Chairman it is clear to me that the BBC’s public service mission is growing in importance in a fast-changing world. In an era of false information, fake news, and social media echo chambers which reinforce our own view of the world - it is now more needed than ever. However, I also believe that the environment around the BBC - competitive, financial, and technological - has never been tougher. In particular the financial challenge is getting ever greater. And the market around us is increasingly dominated by a very small number of very large, global players, with extraordinary creative and financial firepower. As the BBC, we need to think very carefully about how we respond to all these pressures.”

BBC Director-General Tony Hall added: “I hope this report shows just how powerful a creative force the BBC continues to be for Britain. We’re here to provide great services for everyone. And what this report has proved once again is that, while we can’t always compete on budgets, we can still win the awards, and we still bring the country together and represent its voices like no one else. I’m proud of the BBC. I’m confident for the future. Above all, I believe that we have never been more needed in a fast-changing world. And that a strong BBC can be powerful champion for Britain.”