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Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated but live TV has it would seem taken a major hit across all US viewing audiences, according to a new study from ThinkNow.
MX1 YOlTV 4June2018The report — a nationwide online omnibus survey fielded in April 2018 reaching 1,311 consumers, aged 18–64 — found that live-TV viewing has over the last year taken a whopping 20-percentage point decline across all audiences to 48%.

“Streaming services like Netflix have changed the way consumers watch their favourite TV shows. To reach audiences, marketers need to think about how, when and where viewers consume media and the cultural factors that influence those decisions,” says Mario Carrasco, co-founder and principal, ThinkNow.
Live network TV is losing ground as the most often choice for watching programming across all segments, dropping from 45% in 2017 to 31% in 2018, a sizeable 14-point decline. African-Americans showed the largest percentage point decline in live TV viewing, a 22-point decline from 75% in 2017 to 53% in 2018.

Meanwhile, Netflix has steadily gained more consumers as the majority of Hispanics (71%) watch TV programming through the streaming service compared with 59% of non-Hispanic whites, 63% of African-Americans and 55% of Asians. Additionally, 35% of Hispanics report they watch TV programming most often using Netflix. Almost half (47%) of all consumers perceive streaming as the future of television and a reason why they prefer watching shows through streaming services.

The report also found that while Millennials started the streaming trend, Baby Boomers and even Gen X are catching up, watching significantly fewer TVs when they air on network TV. Boomers have experienced a drop in live TV viewing habits with a 21-point decline compared to 2017. The survey found the switch to streaming will continue to grow: four in ten consumers predict they will stream most or all of their TV shows online by 2020.