Qligent, GatesAir partner on DVB-T2 monitoring deployment | Infrastructure | News | Rapid TV News
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Qligent is partnering with GatesAir to rollout a QoS/QoE monitoring and compliance verification platform for Ethiopia’s second-generation DVB-T2 network.

broadcast 10 may 2018The deployment will allow operators to access detailed performance data and compliance recordings from 26 transmitter sites at central and regional headends, without the need for complex and expensive hardware.

GatesAir last year introduced StreamAssure to help broadcasters and network operators better understand overall DTV network performance through end-to-end visibility of transport streams and over-the-air signals. Powered by Qligent, StreamAssure is designed to give DTV broadcasters a broader perspective of their RF operation outside of just the health and status of the transmitter; it’s optimised to process, record and analyse performance data from GatesAir transmitters, exciters and related-signal processing gear, as content moves through the RF chain.

The StreamAssure deployment in Ethiopia will cover nine monitoring points at each transmitter site, with all performance data and compliance recordings accessible on local dashboards. Using StreamAssure’s multi-viewer at the central headend and 11 regional monitoring facilities, operators can monitor performance live, and access recorded files, to understand baseline performance and establish long-term trend analysis. StreamAssure also automates content monitoring and compliance logging to strengthen visibility into proof of air and content quality.

Using Qligent’s IP-based intelligence, operators can troubleshoot over the network, and they are said to be able to remove the need for legacy monitoring equipment and complex, point-based systems. The architecture is designed for minimal rack space at each transmitter site, with direct hooks into the network to enable a continuous flow of information – including recordings of raw transport streams – to local and regional head-ends.

“StreamAssure looks beyond the transmitter to identify quality and technical issues with on-air content and multi-layered streams as they move through the entire RF chain,” said Qligent COO Ted Korte. “With more than 20 channels to monitor in the Ethiopia DVB-T2 network, the ability to quickly and easily access that information will greatly reduce the time and labor spent troubleshooting issues and visiting transmitter sites, while removing the mystery associated with quality-of-service and experience. The fact that StreamAssure natively captures and records all content and raw transport streams will empower operators with the detailed information they need to fully understand network conditions and perform in-depth trend analysis.”

Rich Redmond, chief product officer for GatesAir, added: “StreamAssure is a network management system architected for the digital television age, where broadcasters are tasked with the challenge of monitoring a far greater number of streams and locations than was required for analogue TV. It is without question the industry’s richest toolset for multi-channel content monitoring, compliance and rapid analysis, and isolation of quality issues to optimise network performance.”