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Research from Paywizard has come to the alarming conclusion that too many pay-TV operators are simply falling short in their efforts to build customer loyalty and brand reputation.

PayWizard 22Mar2018
In a report entitled Show the Love with Customer Experience, which surveyed more than 3,000 consumers across three bellwether markets – the United Kingdom, the United States and the Philippines – the CRM specialist found that even though 85% of all respondents expected a positive, personalised customer experience from their pay-TV providers throughout the customer lifecycle, as much as 31% have experienced a negative interaction or issue with at least one operator in the previous 12 months. Moreover, three-quarters of those reporting a negative interaction or issue said it damaged their view of the brand, while just a quarter felt their issue was dealt with effectively and were happy with the outcome.

The survey showed very clearly that failing to provide a consistently positive customer experience had real and serious ramifications: 26% of those surveyed terminated an over-the-top (OTT) TV subscription in the previous 12 months because of poor customer experience and 44% of consumers who had experienced a negative interaction or issue with an OTT provider had cancelled. Overall, 75% of all respondents say they would cancel if service and support became poor and a provider seemed out of touch with their needs and preferences.

Another of the biggest trends highlighted by the research is the rise of consumers with multiple pay-TV subscriptions spread between traditional options such as cable and satellite and pure online offerings. Described as ‘pay-TV polygamists’ and accounting for a third of the survey across the three markets, PayWizard said this cohort offered a glimpse into a future where consumers increasingly pick and mix services.

Commenting on the research, Paywizard chief executive Bhavesh Vaghela, said: “This research clearly demonstrates not just the critical importance of customer experience but that a startling proportion of operators are failing to meet the demands of today’s connected consumer. The findings make clear that modern consumers, especially millennials coming of age in the era of big-data, expect pay-TV providers to know them – and what’s more, with every interaction, reflect genuine insight into their habits, preferences and needs by acting on them. The days when they could rely merely on the strength of their content offering are gone. Instead, operators have to make sure every point in the customer journey – from signing up and accessing content, to being billed and changing a package, to cancelling and even coming back – works for the subscriber.”

The Show the Love with customer experience report can be downloaded from