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An injunction request to overturn the decision to fire former MBC chief Kim Jang-kyom by the board of the South Korean public broadcaster has been rejected by a court in Seoul.

The court said it did not agree that the decision-making process at MBC had been "greatly infringed by the board's move that led to the dismissal of the president, as ... claimed”.

“It is also hard to accept the argument that the dismissal came from a decision that was made without a thorough and fair review and that it was based on the opinion of a particular interest group,” the court said.

The injunction request came from some board officials at The Foundation for Broadcast Culture (FBC), the controlling shareholder of MBC.

Union members of MBC’s workforce – along with those at fellow public broadcaster KBS – began a strike in September, demanding the resignation of both companies presidents and independence from political interference. Although MBC’s president Kim Jang-kyom was removed from office in November, KBS chief Koh Dae-young remains in place.