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BuyDRM and Bitmovin have partnered with sports-first streaming TV service fuboTV.

As part of the deployment, Bitmovin will provide fuboTV with cloud-based encoding and encryption via the Bitmovin Encoding platform, integrated with BuyDRM’s KeyOS Encryption Key API. BuyDRM will in turn provide DRM licensing services to fuboTV’s end users around the world via the KeyOS MultiKey multi-DRM service.

With more than 100,000 paid subscribers, fuboTV offers viewers over-the-top (OTT) access to popular channels featuring live sports, news, television series and films, via mobile devices, web browsers and TV-connected devices. A leading and fast-growing virtual MVPD, fuboTV offers a base package, Fubo Premier, of 65-plus channels, including more that carry sports than any competitor’s similar bundle.

The KeyOS MultiKey Service supports the industry-leading DRMs, such as Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay for the most popular consumer formats, including DASH, HLS and MSS. This combination of DRMs and file formats power the widest variety of premium content for consumers.

Bitmovin’s cloud encoding stack runs on any cloud infrastructure as well as on-premise, and supports a broad array of codecs and formats, as well as monetisation and content protection integrations with leading technology providers for media.

“Using the KeyOS MultiKey Service with Bitmovin’s Cloud Encoding platform in the cloud has greatly improved our go to market strategy and allows us to focus on subscriber growth while maintaining a streamlined workflow,” said fuboTV co-founder Sung Ho Choi. “KeyOS and Bitmovin are a best-of-breed combination which provides us the flexibility and security we need to succeed in this explosive OTT marketplace.”