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Children’s animation The Day Henry Met...? is set for the small screen in China after being acquired by Jetsen Huashi TV for a new online venture.

The new deal is the latest in a raft of business for the preschool kids' show by distributor Monster Entertainment, after The Day Henry Met...? launched on streaming service Amazon Prime Video and ComCast in the US.

The show, produced by Wiggleywoo, features a friendly four-year-old boy called Henry, who learns from his conversations with the different characters he meets each episode.

Jetsen Huashi Kids, the animation department of Jetsen Huashi TV, has alliances with companies including Turner, Francetv, Newen, Iconix and exclusively distributes more than 200 premium titles including as Pocoyo, Castro & Lisa, Paddington, Polo, Mysterious Cities of Gold and Ernest & Celestine.

Jetsen Huashi distribution channels cover multiple screens across China, with coverage on online video services, and IPTV/digital TV landing in 33 provinces across China. The company is also a content partner with mobile operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.