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Alphabet has released YouTube Go, an app which enables users to download videos for free, targeting developing territories with connectivity issues, but excluding Latin America.

The company is currently inviting users from selected countries who are interested in watching offline videos to sign up for YouTube Red, the subscription-based service. However, the platform is only available in the US, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Korea, none of which have connectivity problems.

YouTube Go was first launched as a beta platform earlier this year and has now been officially released for users in several African countries, the Middle East and South Asia, namely, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.

No more countries will have access to the offline features at the moment, although users have already reported video downloads through a YouTube Go app downloaded from unofficial stores.

The new app enables users to download videos, and focuses on controlling mobile data consumption. Once a video is storage in the device, the platform allows viewers to play it as many times as they want.

“The features are available in the listed locations. If YouTube Red is available in your location, you can watch downloaded videos on your mobile device by becoming a YouTube Red member,” the company has said.