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Despite the last Premier League UK TV deal costing an eye-watering £5.2 billion, new analysis has discovered that football is actually the best value sport for fans to watch only on satellite TV, at just 34p per live game.

The research, from discount voucher site MyVoucherCodes, which looked at 30 days of Sky Sports programming, found that the national sport costs 36% less than the next cheapest sport to watch (golf at 53p per broadcast) and half the price of tennis (68p per broadcast).

At the other end of the scale, it is rugby fans who pay the most to watch games on TV at £4.44 per broadcast, compared with 93p per rugby union match. However, it’s the greyhounds that give viewers a run for their money, with fans paying over £13 to enjoy a race.

Over the month-long period of analysis, it was found that tennis commands the advantage when it comes to number of hours on the box – airing for 326 hours, or the equivalent of two whole weeks.

In addition, almost 60% of Sky Sports’ live programming is either football (18%), golf (18%) or tennis (20%). Meanwhile, F1 accounts for just 6% of live output.

While each month’s broadcasting varies based on seasons and current competitions, football had the highest number of live broadcasts over the tested period with 116. This is followed by golf with 75 broadcasts, albeit with an average time of nearly four hours per broadcast, and tennis with 59 showings.

Chris Reilly, managing director of MyVoucherCodes, commented: “It’s well-documented that broadcasters pay billions for football rights, so it might surprise some that it’s one of the best value sports for fans.”

“The fact that a single game can come in so cheap on the box will surely encourage fans to make the most of that subscription and save costs otherwise spent at the pub.”