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After several quarters leading growth in digital advertising outlay, online video has shown little movement during the first half of 2017, says a report published by IAB Spain and PwC.

According to the report, which covers agencies under the IAB umbrella, investment in digital advertising has grown an average 4.3% between January and June 2017.

“The report registers an almost flat growth of around 1.3% for investment in video and display,” said IAB Spain.

These figures are very different from those reported in H1 2016, when €754 million was invested in digital advertising, representing a 24.4% year-on-year growth. Back then, instream and outstream video advertising had grown by 42.8% to reach €69 million.

IAB Spain, which has so far not released further results, said that the figures could be different if all digital advertising activity was included in the report, as it only shows operations carried out by agencies. However, it added, no major changes should be expected.