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Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) distributor VIVA Entertainment Group has signed Oi2 Media Group to act as lead advertising sales agent for the VIVA Live TV app.

The agreement extends to network and national spot advertising sales, and in-programme sponsorships and advertising in the United States, its territories and Canada for all VIVA Live TV app channels and content.

“As OTT continues its rapid expansion of pulling consumers away from traditional cable companies, a significant new revenue opportunity is developing in the way advertising reaches consumers,” said VIVA CEO Johnny Falcones. “In fact, OTT ad revenues made significant contributions to recent earnings reports as disclosed by industry leaders like Roku. From where we sit, as our viewership and subscription base expand, we too see a huge window of opportunity to increase revenues through in-programme advertising and sponsorships.”

Oi2 will share in all advertising and sponsorships revenue generated. It plans to assign approximately 15 advertising specialists to work on behalf of Viva.

“The American television viewer, for the first time since the inception of TV as a medium, now holds the ultimate power to watch what they want, when they want to and how they want,” said Anthony Michael Hernandez, CEO of Oi2 Media. “As this migration of consumer behaviour continues to grow, our plan is to deliver a captivated audience to advertising brands and sponsors looking to reach this important population segment. We anticipate that as Viva Live TV grows its audience, and consumers continue to become ever more adopting to advertising within OTT delivered content, Oi2 and Viva will be well positioned to capitalize on these new streams of revenue.”