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Brazilian regional television broadcaster TV Catarina has become the latest television programmer to join Intelsat 14, the company’s new satellite video neighbourhood covering the Latin America region.

TV Catarina will use C-band satellite services on Intelsat 14 in Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil, to support the distribution of television programming to UHF retransmission sites. TV Catarina is a TV Bandeirantes affiliate, and one of the main regional broadcasters in Brazil.

“When our customers watch programming on TV Catarina, they receive content that is informative and entertaining, with a signal quality that is clear and reliable,” said Renato Frassetto, TV Catarina’s technical coordinator.

“Intelsat’s satellite services have a long history in the Latin America region, which means the company truly understands our market. As the latest television programmer to join Intelsat 14, we are benefitting from the reach and high performance of this video neighbourhood, [which is] optimised for high-definition programming which delivers broad coverage in Brazil and reaches millions of viewers in the region.”

Intelsat 14, located at 315° East, joins Intelsat 11, Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 34 – which together distribute top-tier sports, entertainment, news and education programming to more than 93 million viewers. In all, Intelsat delivers 77 of the 100 most watched channels in the region.

“This new collaboration opens the door for TV Catarina to distribute high quality, regional programming using an efficient network infrastructure that is cost-effective, reliable and flexible,” said Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu, Intelsat MD, Latin America and Caribbean Sales. “Intelsat 14 is a great demonstration of our commitment to developing powerful neighbourhoods that enable our customers to reach broader audiences with premium content.”