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Finland’s largest telecoms operator Elisa has partnered with cross-platform video-streaming technology provider Unified Streaming to optimise streaming and viewing through late transmuxing.

Elisa’s Viihde service is said to be is the most popular entertainment service in Finland, enjoyed by 300,000 households. It offers a range of TV programmes, films and a variety of sports. In addition to original Finnish Elisa Viihde series, the service also offers a video-on-demand bouquet and TV channel bundles.

Elisa Viihde’s reach requires accommodation of multiple streaming formats (DASH, HLS, Smooth) and compatibility with many devices and their unique DRMs (STBs; PC, Mac, Linux browsers; Android phones, tablets, TV; iOS phones, tablets + AirPlay; Chromecast). This means that there is a need to create client- and player-specific streaming profiles and with the Unified Origin webserver plug-in integrated into the workflow, Elisa says that it has essentially pushed streaming to the edges of its own network and as close as possible to the viewer. The conversion of video files directly on cache nodes rather than on centralised servers reduces internal streaming traffic and overall storage needs.

“Thanks to Unified Origin, we are now in a position to easily on-board a new client device or adjust the streaming profile if there is change due to a player or an operating system upgrade with a configuration change, commented Sami Aalto, vice president of domestic entertaining business at Elisa. “The change takes effect immediately and the next streams are generated with the new settings. On top of this all, we also optimised storage costs, as we’re now saving only one version of the asset.”