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Well-known UK Christmas advertisers Argos and Lidl have jumped ahead of rivals John Lewis and Marks & Spencer by ramping up their campaigns in October, and surpassing 2017’s TV advertising lead, Samsung, which rose to third after placing eighth in September’s rankings, according to media technology specialist 4C.

Despite coming first in the ranking with over 2,000 minutes of air time, Argos’s investment is 7% lower year-on-year. While this dip may illustrate a more staggered approach to the Christmas campaign, it shows the brand is maintaining a strict focus on its seasonal sales. By comparison, both Lidl and Samsung have had to step up their TV advertising by 93% to compete.

The new Warburtons TV advert starring Peter Kay has seen the brand rise to fourth place with 1,388 minutes of air time.

Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer's ads highlighting a £10 dinner for two offer generated the greatest social lift for the brand, helping it keep the top spot in October. 4C Insights also found that Tesco took the second spot with Halloween-themed ads that sparked a 31% lift in social media engagement for the brand.