Drama, UGC drive online video among Swedes | Online Video | News | Rapid TV News
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Research from Swedish independent analysis and consultancy firm Mediavision has found that the nation is increasingly turning to online video for entertainment.

TV4group 13Nov2017The study of 3,000 people aged 15-74 looked into what services draw the most attention of Swedes during the third quarter of 2017. It revealed that nearly 45% of all Swedes (15-74) watch online video during an average day, a high figure compared to other markets. Among the younger demographics, reach was significantly higher with three-fifths of 15–24 year olds watching online video during an average day. Like their counterparts across the western world, young Swedes were primarily attracted to global services such as YouTube, Netflix and Twitch.

However, the survey also showed that the difference in online video consumption between age groups was growing smaller over time. Indeed, the shift from traditional broadcast TV to online video was quickest among older age groups. During an average day in the third quarter, almost 30% of 55-74-year-old Swedes watched online video, particularly strong growth compared to the same period last year.

Two content categories were particularly popular: drama and user-generated content. High-end series on Netflix and HBO Nordic drove recent increased consumption, while YouTube and Twitch also generated interest, often thanks to non-professional content created by the users themselves. During an average day, 55% of 15-24-year-olds consumed content on one or more of the global streaming services. For local services, such as SVT Play and TV4 Play, the figure for the same age dropped to 26% consuming content on the local providers’ services during an average day.

In its report, Mediavision added that the dominant position of global streaming services among young Swedes was a headache for providers only active in Sweden or the Nordics, especially since young age groups are transitioning away from traditional broadcast TV at such a high rate. “Competition has simply grown tougher for local media actors, which in turn makes it even harder to attract young audiences,” explained Mediavision CEO Marie Nilsson. “In the long run, this may threaten the position of local media. This, in turn, may have a direct effect on revenues, regardless of it being ad or subscription based businesses. However, a difficult situation is not the same as an impossible one. The good news is that the overall consumption of TV and online video in Sweden is at an all-time-high. New services and the enormous supply of content have driven demand to levels never seen before.”