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For media companies leveraging short-form video to reach US audiences on Facebook, increasing the quantity of video posts yields disproportionate gains in views and engagement, according to Wochit’s Q3 Social Performance Index.

On average, publishers that increased their video production found a tri-fold increase in video views.

Reinforcing the importance of quantity, the report reveals a strong connection between the number of videos posted each day and the number of followers for that particular page. In Q3, eight of the top ten most followed publishers posted at least five videos per day. USA Today was the top producer, averaging 26 per day, followed by NBC News at 19 per day.

The report also shows signs that media companies are looking to Facebook video to drive revenue. In Q3, there was a significant increase in the number of videos over 90 seconds, which is the minimum duration required for Facebook mid-roll advertising. This increase supports the findings of a previous Wochit survey, in which two-thirds of publishers reported intent to monetise video with mid-roll. The 90-second videos, while still in the minority, also drove significantly higher levels of engagement.

“While we’ve seen quantity of video increase every quarter, it’s in Q3 that we see how big the impact that an increase in production can have on the metrics that matter most, like views and reactions,” said Wochit co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg. “We’re also excited to see how the trend toward longer video progresses and if this does alleviate some of media’s monetisation challenge. Either way, we will continue dig through the data to provide the industry with insights and best practices that will help each attain their goals.”