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The Global Systems for Mobile communication Association (GSMA) has said that it is monitoring developments in Spain and Catalonia and assessing any potential impact for next year’s Mobile World Congress.

However, the GSMA also confirmed that the MWC 2018 will be held in Barcelona, as there have been no major issues regarding security or organisation in the city.

“The GSMA has an agreement in place with the Barcelona City Partners making Barcelona the Mobile World Capital and host city of the GSMA Mobile World Congress through 2023. The 2018 edition of Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona from 26 February to 1 March 2018,” the organisation stated.

With over 110,000 visitors every day and a potential €500-plus million in revenue for the city over the course of the event, MWC has become a key event for Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain in recent years.

Despite the GSMA’s statement, many companies and organisations have been taking measures in recent weeks to avoid potential problems caused by the current political situation.

According to Spain’s Expansión, the organisers of the Barcelona event fear that the political situation will contribute to the recently-launched Mobile World Congress Americas becoming the most important event for the industry.