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A relatively quiet month has seen CE giant Samsung reduce advertising air time for the first time since the start of summer, making September the first month since May that the mobile manufacturer hasn’t led the 4C Insights UK TV Social Lift rankings.

For September 2017, the data science and media technology company found that Samsung’s dip was slight, 7% year-on-year, suggesting said the analyst a clear strategy towards tailing advertising off after Apple’s Q3 launch announcement was made. The biggest monthly leap in air time (112%) was made by Dove whose 60-second ad on CBS Emmy’s broadcast highlighted the wholly female production crew behind the work.

In terms of lift from social platforms, 4C Insights found that people responded to the news of Marks & Spencer’s sale. Spots for its 50% off sale drove 241% higher social engagement than average helping Marks & Spencer climb to the #1 spot in the UK TV Social Lift Rankings. Thursday and Friday ads for the sale drove the highest response on social.

People also responded to Tesco’s Andy’s ‘Red Handed’ Breakfast Flatbreads spot with a 137% increase in social engagement, and a late surge in TV spots in September enabled Argos to claim the third spot in the UK TV Social Lift Rankings. Ads promoting sale items during the last week of September drove a 189% increase in social engagement.