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Vodafone has launched unlimited data packages for video, targeting its post-paid customers.

The telco has expanded its Vodafone Pass offer (which previously included three packages for music, chatting apps and social media) with a new data package for video platforms and another only for map apps.

The Video Pass will enable clients to Access YouTube, HBO, Netflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube Kids, Vevo, Rakuten TV, Twitch, Fox News and Vodafone TV Online without mobile data limits for €8 per month. In addition, a high-resolution package for larger screens, such as tablets, will be available for €17 per month.

According to Vodafone, more partners are expected to join Video Pass in the coming months.

The Maps Pass will also enable unlimited usage of Google Maps, Google Earth, Here, Tomtom, iCoyote and Waze for €3 each month.

The new offer, which is part of Vodafone’s mobile video strategy, is available immediately for Vodafone One convergent customers as well as post-paid mobile clients.