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Prisa is to present the Google-supported video platform El País HD at BIT Experience 2017, which starts tomorrow in Madrid.

Javier Lasa, director of mobile and multimedia at Prisa, will present the platform, which is designed to identify video trends around the world as a tool to support journalistic work.

Supported by Google’s Digital News Initiative fund, the project aims to bring innovation to digital journalism and boost the digital and video strategy of El País, Spain’s most read printed and online newspaper.

The initiative is part of the development of the YouTube player for publishers that Google launched last year. The tool is also being tested by Spain’s Unidad Editorial, France24, The Guardian, ze.tt (Germany), Dagblated (Norway) and Oe24 (Austria).

The platform automates tasks like format and screen adaptability, edition and distribution through various channels, including social media.

“Given the great deal of information there is nowadays, journalists need new tools to find content that is relevant for viewers. El País HD is not aiming to replace journalistic criteria, but to help professionals to make a decision,” said Lasa.

BIT Experience is an event for the broadcasting industry organised by IFEMA and Comunicare Digitale, and supported by Panorama Audiovisual, Aicox, Etiqmedia, Harmonic, SES and Sony.