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Premium content services and media technology solutions provider Vubiquity has entered into a partnership with Nokia to create managed-service offers designed to deliver time-shifted television functionality on top of existing IPTV and cable packages.

The so-called time-shift as a service (T-SAAS) offers hosted software as a service (SaaS) with premium time-shifted content for existing video distributors and new-to-market OTT service providers. It is said to provide them with the ability to expand customer-facing features rapidly at a low cost, and to offer a more personalised viewing experience in a shorter period of time.

T-SAAS will be branded as a Vubiquity service, and is powered by the Nokia Velocix media delivery platform. The Nokia Cloud DVR Origin Services and Video Recording Manager archive and secure over 700 live premium channels while the Velocix CDN and edge caches provide scale and multi-tenancy for hundreds of network operators. The Nokia platform will provide data collection for per-tenant analytics related to QoS, QoE and delivery metrics; all in real-time.

Vubiquity will provide all content and metadata management, rights management, and delivery to the end device including CDN URL augmentation and redirection for optimised delivery. Scalable content distribution is based on Vubiquity’s cloud and fibre infrastructure, while its web services, white-label clients and deep, searchable metadata allow viewers to discover and acquire content of interest. Targeted advertising capabilities provide the ability to re-monetise content and replace stale advertising and are natively supported within the basic service.

“Consumers have a wide range of choices for entertainment today with dynamic capabilities to enhance their viewing experience,” commented Ira Dworkin, Vubiquity’s EVP, product and technology. “T-SAAS brings a unique cloud-based services capability and gives more and more video distributors the ability to rapidly expand customer-facing features with low capex. By offering additional services for convenient viewing, more video distributors can retain loyal subscribers by upgrading quickly.”

“With consumer demand for advanced DVR functionality on every screen, Vubiquity’s Time-Shift As-A-Service (T-SAAS) gives video distribution partners the ability to offer a more fully personalised viewing experience in a quicker timeframe,” added Paul Larbey, head of Nokia’s IP video business. “We are delighted to join forces with Vubiquity as it allows us to open the doors for creative content distribution.”