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End-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solutions supplier Skyline Communications has revealed the latest generation of its DataMiner Advanced Analytics solutions.

This emerging technology is designed to tackle what it says are the daunting challenges broadcast and media operators are up against to efficiently manage and control the new generation of broadcast ecosystems, which it says are synonymous with volatility and complexity.

The new DataMiner runs end to end across any vendor and technology boundaries off the shelf and is fully integrated with big data storage solutions. It also acts as a foundation for sophisticated data analytics, integrated at the core of the platform, and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform a continuous real-time analysis of all data collected across an entire operation.

This, says the company, makes the solution unique within the industry as not only could it enable operators to manage the new generation of broadcast ecosystems more easily and more efficiently than ever before, but also can enable them to leap ahead from reactive to very powerful proactive management of their operation.