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Service provider Altice has expanded its partnership with ARRIS International to deploy next-generation 4K HDR set-top boxes across its global footprint, in the US and Europe, starting in 2018.

The multinational deployment represents a growing global partnership between ARRIS and Altice: Altice-owned Portugal Telecom recently selected ARRIS’s set-top boxes to deliver its MEO 4K TV service across Portugal, and altice and ARRIS collaborate to deploy ARRIS’s E6000 Converged Edge Router in France, the US and the Dominican Republic to enable new Gigabit services.

“We’ve invested in our ability to deliver leading CPE at scale, and our growing partnership with Altice is a testament to ARRIS’s unmatched expertise in helping the world’s service providers deliver the next era of entertainment services,” said Larry Robinson, ARRIS president of CPE. “The 4K HDR set-tops we’re developing with Altice showcase the evolution of the video and will offer exciting entertainment services to millions of Altice subscribers across the US and Europe.”

“We expanded our strategic partnership with ARRIS to match the scale of our vision for tomorrow’s entertainment,” said Bruno Zebib, Altice CTO. “As Altice continues to grow and to usher in next-generation services for our subscribers around the world, we’re leveraging ARRIS’s expertise in the set-top evolution to meet demand for higher-definition viewing experiences. Our collaboration with ARRIS will reinforce our position as a pioneer in the global TV and services market.”