Conviva offers artificial intelligence purpose-built for streaming video delivery | Ad Tech | News | Rapid TV News
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Aiming to allow publishers to use artificial intelligence to elevate quality of experience for their viewers and cost-effectively manage the growing complexity of over-the-top (OTT) businesses, Conviva has announced the availability of Video AI Alerts.

Video AI Alerts tealThe Platform’s alerting intelligence automatically detects and diagnoses service delivery issues to enable publishers to deliver a consistently higher quality of experience while also better managing operational costs. Their viewers in turn, said Conviva, experience streaming video more seamlessly with less buffering and interruptions, similar to traditional broadcast television delivery.

Conviva believes that today’s publishers spend a considerable amount of time and effort configuring and monitoring manual alerts to detect service delivery issues. This, the company says, often requires large operational teams, who while extremely crucial to the business, are often not able to find or configure every possible alert. Furthermore, Conviva says that these teams must spend valuable hours diagnosing the root cause of each and every issue.

Recognising the need for a solution to address these pain points led to the development of Video AI Alerts, said the firm. “The technology behind our Video AI Alerts is continuously learning and being fine-tuned by Conviva’s real-time data coming directly from the video viewing source in the player with our sensors”, said co-founder and CEO Hui Zhang. “This allows for unlimited capacity to find new anomalies and increase accuracy and reliability in operational and strategic decision making for streaming video publishers.”

Video AI Alerts are powered by the platform’s detection and diagnosis artificial intelligence models. These models use the video graph that is generated through the analysis of billions of video streams reported by over 2.5 billion sensors embedded within video players across Conviva’s publisher network. This graph captures the relationships between entities within a publisher’s catalogue of content and the infrastructure used to deliver it and enables the intelligence behind Video AI Alert’s real-time diagnosis of root causes.

They also continually compare quality of experience (QoE) and engagement metrics against recent norms, and instantly detects anomalies. These alerts notify publishers of the issue, root cause, and likely solution thereby speeding resolution time.

One of the first interested in using the solution has been HBO. Explaining the potential use cases for the platform, site reliability lead Vikrant Kelkar said: “The automatic configuration and diagnostic root cause analysis data delivered with every alert has proved incredibly effective for HBO GO and HBO NOW. In one case, a stream had been misconfigured and without the full stream URL reporting with each alert, we would not have been able to see nor diagnose the cause of this issue. With Conviva’s Video AI Alerts, we were able to catch the issue right away.”