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ACCESS CO’s NetFront Browser NX is bringing YouTube streaming and other features to in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

JVC KENWOOD will be supplying the browser to automotive suppliers that include a British sports and luxury car manufacturer for its latest model, and a Japanese car manufacturer for model available in Southeast Asia.

The WebKit-based browser features low levels of memory usage while achieving fast rendering the company said, and supports HTML5, CSS3, WebP, WebSocket and HTTP Cache. In addition to streaming video and browsing, HTML5 was used to design the user interface of JVC KENWOOD’s navigation system to display sophisticated animation.

“As the car becomes more and more connected, in-vehicle information and entertainment services are becoming mandatory features for OEMs,” the companies said. “In order to rise to the challenge of delivering connected services and smart applications on different platforms and screen sizes, OEMs have the choice to develop a proprietary solution or to embrace standards. For a standards-based approach, HTML5 is the technology of choice as it enables the development of in-vehicle human machine interaction (HMI) applications, app stores and internet/cloud delivered applications with online content. HTML5 also provides OEMs with the ability to develop highly portable and reusable applications, so they can target multiple vehicle systems with the same application.