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Time Inc’s Sports Illustrated PLAY has launched an improved mobile app, which allows any team or club to use a mobile platform to manage schedules, get real-time updates, communicate with other members and share social content.

“The debut of our new app, now available to anyone with a smartphone, is an important milestone for [us] as we continue to enhance the experience for our millions of users and grow our community,” said Jeff Karp, CEO of SI PLAY. “We are excited to open up our mobile technology to more of the 150 million Americans involved in youth sports today, and to offer new ways for teams to connect and share their experiences. These are some of the most cherished memories in people’s lives, and we want to help celebrate them.”

Teams and leagues gain access to capabilities like distributing news and content, real-time scoring and updates, creation of ‘player cards’ and rosters, schedule and organize events and even get snack assignments. Offering more than just utility and logistics, the new SI PLAY app from Sports Illustrated is a social tool that allows users to post photos and videos of their favourite moments and sports highlights, discuss and ‘high-five’ shared content, and help those who can’t attend events feel like they are there.