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Spanish video-on-demand (VOD) platform Filmin has added six anime series following an agreement with Yowu Entertainment.

The productions, which haven’t been released in Spain before, cover different genres, from fantasy to shojo musical. The series are Seraph of the End, Sakamoto Desu Ga?, Anonymous Noise, Comet Lucifer, Handa Kun, and Zero No Sho.

Both Seraph of the End and Sakamoto desu ga? are manga adaptations, while Zero no Sho is based on a novel saga and the three-other series are original anime.

According to Filmin, the agreement with the Spanish distributor of Japanese content has been reached following the demand of Filmin’s subscribers, which had been repeatedly asking for anime VOD content.

All episodes in the series have already been made available except for the Seraph of the End, which is to be released on 4 August.