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The UK may be frustrating the region’s political classes with Brexit, but video-on-demand (VOD) customers are voting for British TV content when it comes to VOD catalogues, says the European Audiovisual Observatory.

eurovod 15june2017Its report analysed eight country catalogues of Netflix in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom and iTunes TV content offers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Observatory found that the main European countries of origin for EU 28 TV content in Netflix’s catalogues are the UK with 160 titles (44% of the total EU 28 TV titles available in the eight Netflix catalogues studied), France with 72 titles (20%) and Germany with 52 titles (14%). Together, these three countries produce 78% of EU 28 TV titles in the eight catalogues studied.

As regards iTunes, the three leading European countries produced 91.5% of all EU titles in the three iTunes catalogues studied, with UK-produced TV titles representing 52% (884 titles), German-produced titles representing 22% (365 titles) and French titles 17% (297 titles).

As it published these findings, the Observatory noted that differences in the catalogues become more visible when national content is taken into account. For example, iTunes offers a much higher share of national TV content than Netflix. The observatory said that this could be potentially attributed to the use of the iTunes platform for national broadcasters and right holders to monetise their TV content, in addition to differences in business models.

The most popular genres for both services were children’s animation series; scripted crime and drama TV series such as the UK’s Luther and Peaky Blinders, Sweden’s The Killing and France’s Au. The data sets available in the report show that UK, French, Danish and Swedish TV programmes dominate the EU top list of TV programmes.

The latest survey comes hot on the heels of a similar study into films for subscription and transactional VOD (TVOD) services in the EU, which found that US content was dominating the market. For US TV content, the share of Netflix and iTunes was much more closer. Between them they offered respectively 48% (Netflix) and 42% (iTunes) of US TV content when titles are counted; 56% and 50% when seasons are taken into account; and 60% and 55% respectively when episodes are counted. This, said the observatory’s report, reflects the fact that US scripted TV series included in the two catalogues last for longer seasons with more episodes.