More than half of US broadband homes tap online video regularly | Media Analysis | Business
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About 39% of US broadband households visit a video-sharing site like YouTube at least once a week, according to Parks Associates.

Parks 23 April 2017The firm also found that 59% of US broadband households visit an online video site—streaming or video sharing—on a regular basis.“User-generated video from sites like YouTube skew to young consumers,” said Glenn Hower, senior analyst at Parks Associates. “Consumers 18-24 go to a video-sharing site 13 days per month on average. They also use a video chat app like Snapchat an average of nearly 11 days in one month. The TV is still the most-used device for watching video content, but increased usage of secondary devices and video apps is making a significant impact on how users, especially younger viewers, consume and perceive content.”

Parks Associates also found that live streaming on platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live is still in its early days. Roughly 26% of households participate in live streaming activities, such as streaming video from their own device or watching video over a live streaming platform.

“Emerging content platforms are changing the way content creators tell visual stories,” Hower said. “Services like YouTube have given rise to video bloggers and sketch performers, who can interact with their audiences in a way that traditional media like film and television cannot allow. In addition, live streaming on platforms like Twitter's Periscope or Facebook Live is raw and impromptu, which can come across as more 'authentic' compared to a recorded video that has been edited and perfected.”